What are the components of the PSA nitrogen making machine system

Both bottled nitrogen and liquid nitrogen on the market are expensive and laborious and time-consuming. Using PSA nitrogen making machine is a better choice. PSA nitrogen making machine uses inexhaustible air as raw material, carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, and uses the principle of pressure swing adsorption to separate nitrogen and oxygen by using carbon molecular sieve to selectively adsorb oxygen and nitrogen. Compared with the traditional nitrogen production method, it has the advantages of simple process flow, high degree of automation, fast gas production (15-30 minutes), low energy consumption, online nitrogen purity detection, convenient operation and maintenance, lower operating costs, and strong device adaptability Features. PSA nitrogen making machine is a one-time investment for permanent use of gas, one-key startup, and unattended operation, which can save labor and cost.

customized PSA nitrogen making machine from China manufacturer
1. Air source system: It is composed of an air compressor and an air storage tank to provide compressed air as raw materials for nitrogen production.
2. Air purification system: It consists of a refrigeration dryer, a filter, a degreasing filter, etc. It is mainly used to purify the air, remove dust, particles, oil, moisture, organic matter and other impurities in the environment, and ensure that it enters the PSA nitrogen making machine. The separated compressed air is clean and dry.
3. Air buffer tank: It is composed of air storage tanks, valves, etc., and is mainly used to ensure the stability of the air source.
4. The main unit of the nitrogen making machine: PSA nitrogen making machine is mainly composed of two adsorption towers filled with carbon molecular sieve and an automatic control valve, which is the core part of the whole system.
5. Nitrogen buffer tank: It is composed of nitrogen storage tank and valve, which buffers nitrogen, mainly to ensure the stable use of gas.
6. Electrical control system: It is composed of PLC, circuit system, instruments, valves, etc.
7. Nitrogen storage tank: store the finished nitrogen.
8. Purity automatic alarm device, unqualified nitrogen automatic emptying device, remote control system, etc. can be customized on demand.