How to effectively extend the service life of PSA nitrogen making machine

PSA nitrogen making machine is used in many industries, such as petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, natural gas chemical industry, heat treatment, bright annealing, protective heating, grain green storage, food nitrogen filling packaging, vegetable preservation, wine sealing (canning) packaging and preservation, etc. Wait. If you use PSA nitrogen making machine for a long time, the loss of the machine will be great. Therefore, you must maintain the PSA nitrogen making machine during daily operation to effectively extend the service life of the PSA nitrogen making machine.

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1. It is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the supporting cold dryer, suction dryer and other equipment, and the operation must be carried out in accordance with the instruction manual. The normal operation of the air drying equipment is crucial to the nitrogen production equipment.
2. Check the purity, gas production and other performance indicators of the nitrogen-making equipment; check whether the oxygen meter (oxygen analyzer) equipped with the nitrogen-making equipment is working properly and whether the oxygen electrode needs to be replaced, etc.
3. The pipeline filter should be checked regularly and the filter element should be replaced on time. The service life of the filter element is generally 2000-4000 working hours (depending on the air quality of the equipment used); the activated carbon in the activated carbon filter must be replaced for 7000h; gas storage The tank should be drained regularly.
4. If there is a large amount of powder at the outlet of the PSA nitrogen making machine, it means that it has been aged or powdered and needs to be treated in time and replaced with the equipment packing.