The advanced physical oxygen making principle of nitrogen making machine

  Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) can separate oxygen and nitrogen directly from the air at room temperature by applying advanced physical oxygen production principle. It can obtain high purity medical oxygen and provide oxygen continuously. The air is pressurized by the compressor and predisposed to the solid impurities such as oil and water. The air is cooled to the normal temperature by pressure adsorption. The compressed air after the treatment enters the adsorption tower with a molecular sieve from the intake valve, and the nitrogen and carbon dioxide in the air are adsorbed, and the outflow gas is the high purity oxygen.
  When the adsorption tower reaches a certain saturation, the inlet valve closes and the flushing valve opens, and the desorption valve opens and enters the desorption regeneration stage, thus completing a cycle. In order to realize continuous gas supply, the adsorption tower carries on the same cycle process separately, which is controlled by the single chip microcomputer, and the molecular sieve is used for high purity oxygen at room temperature.