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High Purity 99.99% PSA Nitrogen Generator , Nitrogen Gas Plant Low Power




True Brand 20Nm3/h purity 99.99% PSA Style Nitrogen Making Machine with Good Quality




Technological Advantages
1. Close Air Handling System;
2. Special Low Shunt and Non-Wear Soft Clamping Device.
3. Long-life Pneumatic Valve
4. Innovative Low Noise Silencer
5. Unique Touch Switch and Liquid Crystal Display
6. High Automation and Can be Unattended
7. Equipment Structure Compact and Reasonable
8. Produce Nitrogen Fast with Short Time


Configuration List:


Air Compressor Pry       Screw Air Compressor
Air Storage Tank           Nitrogen Storage Tank
Air Handling                  Three Filters
Cooling Dryer               Connecting Pipeline and Valve
Skid-mounted Nitrogen Generator    Molecular Sieve
Absorption Tower                PLC




1.Nitrogen making system consists of air compressor, compressed air purifying device, pressure varying adsorption nitrogen generator and storage tank, which can separate the nitrogen and oxygen from the air, and get the high pure nitrogen.

2.Nitrogen flow: 3-2000Nm3/h 

3.Nitrogen purity: 95%-99.9995%

4.Nitrogen dew point: ≤-40℃ (normal pressure)

5.Nitrogen pressure: ≤0.65Mpa

Brief Introduction for PSA Nitrogen Generator Principles
When the process adopts lifting air, oxygen and nitrogen have different diffusion rate and adsorptive capacity to separate oxygen from nitrogen on carbon molecular sieve(CMS). When air is compressed to 0.8MPa, air source enters in pressure-swing adsorption tower for separation after being purified through dry and oil-water separation process (filter). Oxygen molecules are diffused and adsorbed in carbon molecular sieve under pressure. Non-adsorbed nitrogen is discharged from outlet of adsorption tower. Oxygen is desorbed, discharged and purged in adsorption tower under depressurization. Moreover, adsorbent can be recycled.
PSA nitrogen making machine adopts double adsorption towers with high-quality carbon molecular sieves installed as the adsorbent, one tower adsorbs the generated nitrogen, the other tower carries out desorption, regeneration and emptying, and PLC controls the pneumatic valve, thus the two towers can generate gas alternately.
Using before the seal-capping, tank-pressuring, blowing of the beer, grape wine, fruit wine, edible oil, thus can wipe off the oxygen and prevent the oxidation, decomposition and color fading of the no carbonated drinks and edible oil. If cork is used, the mildew will be prevented in the bottle and the nitrogen purity is over 99%.
Prevent fried-popping food from becoming soft and stale and crushed during the transportation.
Add the preservation time of baked food by 3 to 5 months.
Prevent the agglomeration of milk powder, soybean powder during the long term storage.










Packaging Details

The normal package is wooden box(Size: L*W*H). If export to european countries,the wooden box will be fumigated.If container is too tigher,we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request