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Metallurgy Industry 99.99% PSA Nitrogen Generator




Metallurgy Industry 99.99% PSA Nitrogen Generator


PSA Nitrogen Generator Application


Nitrogen is used in steel making converter & roof of blast furnace as sealing gas and in Converter pulverized coal injection, continuous casting, rolling, steel annealing, stress elimination, aging, quenching heating, carburization, nitrocarburizing, vacuum hardening etc. as heat treatment gas resource. Nitrogen is used in welding and powder metallurgy sintering process as protective gas as well as cleaning and diluting gas.


PSA Nitrogen Generator Parameters


serial number Patent No. Patent No.( Accept No.) patent families
1 PSA highly efficient starting device Patent No.:ZL 2010 2 0139342.9 utility model
2 Automatic control system of nitrogen generator with frequency conversion Patent No.:ZL 2012 2 0408277.4 utility model
3 Exhaust gas recycling and utilization device Patent No.:ZL 2013 2 0867590.9 utility model
4 Automatic control device for nitrogen purity Patent No.:ZL 2013 2 0867632.9 utility model
5 PSA constant pressure constant regeneration system Patent No.:ZL 2010 2 0139343.3 utility model
6 PSA cyclone umbrella type honeycomb air flow diffusion device Patent No.:ZL 2013 2 0139344.8 utility model
7 PSA low decibel silencer Patent No.:ZL 2013 209 39345.2 utility model
8 Top gathering fountain type gas collecting device Patent No.:ZL 2010 2 0569506.1 utility model
9 Dynamic cylinder pressing device Patent No.:ZL 2011 2 0015073.X utility model


PSA Nitrogen Generator Operational Principle 


PSA nitrogen generation adopts carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent whose capacity of adsorbing oxygen is larger than adsorbing nitrogen. The two adsorbers (a&b) alternately adsrbing and regenerating to separate oxygen from nitrogen in air to obtain purified nitrogen by Auto-operated valves controlled by PLC.



PSA Nitrogen Generator function:


1,  Strict air treatment system

2,  Unique low-speed diverter and non-friction soft compaction device

3,  durable pneumatic valve

4, low-noise silencer of innovative design

4,  unique touch switch and LCD in the nitrogen industry; Data can be modified arbitrarily

6, of high automation and can be duty-free

5,  of reasonable and compact structure


PSA Nitrogen Generator Pictures