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Purity 99.99%-99.999% Psa Nitrogen Gas Generator For Laser Cutting Machine




High purity 99.99%-99.999% nitrogen generator for laser cutting machine


1. Technical chart

Hydrogenation of N2 purification equipment is the pressurize H2 which after normal purity and ammonia decomposition ,after the matching and mix into hydrogen and nitrogen purification equipment,the O2 and H2 in normal purity nitrogen exchange to water after reaction,then after cooling remove the water,pass through the cooling dryer in to the dryer device ,Then pass through the dust filter remove dust to make high purity N2,purity can be more than 99.999%,dew point ≤-60℃,nitrogen capacity 150Nm3/h,pressure 0.5Mpa can adjust.



2, TYH150-99.999 technical details


1. Normal nitrogen pressure: 0.6MPa( inlet pressure)

2. Nitrogen purity : ≥99.999%(O2 content ≤10PPM)

3. Nitrogen outlet pressure : 0.55MPa( adjustable)purification system pressure decrease 0.05 MPa

4. Dew point : ≤-60℃( normal pressure)

5. H2 content : Not limited

6. N2 consumption : 5-7%

7. Hydrogenation type : automatically


3, TYH150-99.999 working principle

Hydrogenation deoxidize purification technics,require the purity of nitrogen is 99%,pressure 0.6Mpa,rate of flow is 165 Nm3/h.The normal purity N2 and the H2 which controlled by flow meter inlet static mixer doing mixed,then inlet deaerator deoxidation,the outlet gas will pass through H2,guide to cooling device cooling to normal temperature,then guide to adsorption dryer,can remove CO2 and water,save the gas consumption(consumption between 5-7%).then pass through the dust filter can reach purity 99.999%,out put 150Nm3/h, output pressure 0.55Mpa,normal pressure dew point -60℃


III. Ammonia decomposition making hydrogen system

This system is use liquid ammonia as raw material,let the liquid ammonia steam ,the gas state ammonia in the decomposing furnace high temperature accelerance layer separate to 75% H2 and 25% N2,the purification device remove the water in the gas. Because of liquid ammonia producing technique,the O2 content in the ammonia is very small, during high temperature accelerance layer,the less O2 have been reacted with H2,the O2 content can reach the ≤1ppm,accelerance layer in decomposing furnace,and the adsorber in the purification device degree can be more higher than production target,the system is sealed. We adopt two tower exchange working,can supply gas continuously. Adsorption tower use inside and outside drum-type structure,to avoid the CMS frit in high temperature,assure the CMS usage life.

We use low pressure ammonia decomposition,equip membrane type H2 booster,can make the H2 pressure 0.05Mpa,use membrance type H2 booster can let the H2 pressure reach 0.8Mpa,supply into H2&N2 mixer.


Main technical details

I. Normal purity N2 device

1,  Air compressor

Type GA45-8.5
outlet capacity 8Nm3/min
outlet pressure 0.85Mpa
Total power 45KW
Oil content ≤5ppm
linkage type direct connection
Manufacture Atlas copco
Quantity 2 sets( one working one spare)


2, Air technical tank

Type 1m3/10kg
Quantiy 1set
Manufacturer Qingdao Hai Kong


3, Air source clarification processing

Filter name Type Manage air consumption


Filter fineness


Reduced oil content

Dust filter C-8H 9Nm3/min 3mm ≤5PPm
Precision filter T-8H 9Nm3/min 1mm ≤1PPm
Efficient oil free filter A-8H 9Nm3/min 0.1mm ≤0.01PPm
Manufacturer America HANKISON filter element Jiangyin Tongyue install


4, Cooling type dryer

Type TY-8HF
Air consumption 9Nm3/min
power 2Kw
pressure dew point 2℃-10 ℃
working pressure 0.2-1.0MPa
voltage 50HZ/220V
Manufacturer Jiangyin Tongyue




5, Actived carbon filter

Filter name Type Consumption Filter precision Oil content
Actived carbon filter H-8 9Nm3/min 0.01mm ≤0.001PPm
Manufacturer Jiangyin Tongyue
Remark Include pressure vessel certificate


6, Normal nitrogen machine technical data

Type TY170-99
N2 output flow 170Nm3/h
N2 purity ≥99%
Total power 1Kw
N2 pressure 0.1-0.7Mpa(adjustable )
N2 dew point ≤-40℃
Oil content ≤0.001ppm
Air consumption 6.5Nm3/min
Working type continuous working
operating type Automatically
Manufacturer Jiangyin Tongyue
Quantity 1set


7, Normal purity N2 generator main parts.

Description Type Quantity Remarks
PSA adsorption tower Professional design

2 pieces


Jiangyin Shuangqiu
CMS MSC-3KT-172 690kg Japan Takeda/Wutian
Vortex airflow Professional design 2 pieces Technical Carbotech from Germany
Self complement compact device Professional design 2sets Jiangyin Tongyue
single unit processing part / 1 set SMC-Japan
Sample pressure reduce valve / 1 piece SMC-Japan
Direct current 24V power / 1 set Taiwan-Mingwei


Pneumatic valves

DN50 5 pieces Burkert Germany,approve
DN32 4 pieces
DN15 1 pieces
Magnetic valve 4V210-24V 10 pieces Taiwan Airtac
Metal flow meter LZZ-32 1 piece Changzhou Shuanghuan
Control system TPC7062K 1set (color touch screen )Kunlun Tongtai
Muffler TY-170X 1 set Jiangyin Tongyue
Pipe valve system bprofessional produce 1 set Jiangyin Tongyue
PLC controller S7-200 1 set Siemens Germany
Nitrogen analyzer P860-4N 1 set Shanghai Changai


8, Nitrogen technique tank

model 1m3/8kg
quantity 1 piece
manufacturer Qingdao Haikong