Why PSA oxygen making machine is widely used

PSA oxygen making machine is a very good adsorption oxygen making machine, so what are the advantages of this kind of equipment? Why is it widely used?

PSA oxygen making machine
1. Low cost
PSA is a simple oxygen production method, and the production capacity is relatively high within a few minutes after startup.
2. Personalization
PSA oxygen making machine can be customized for special customers. It can be installed without oxygen purification device, or can directly produce high-purity oxygen.
3. Low energy consumption
The unique adsorption tower, gas distribution system, and different processes can be selected for different requirements of oxygen production equipment. The key point is that the energy consumption is relatively low.
4. Long life
The service life of the PSA oxygen making machine is very long, which is also a big advantage.
The market factors of PSA oxygen making machine are more than the above. I hope that interested friends can prove themselves through their own efforts!